Tirana, 20.06.2022


On Monday, the Supreme Court welcomed three new members. In a welcoming ceremony, the newly appointed judges Sokol Ngresi, Margarita Buhali and Enton Dhimitri are congratulated for taking office. The ceremony organized on this occassion was also attended by the Chairperson of the High Judicial Council Mrs. Naureda Llagami, other members of the High Judicial Council and the President of Republic’s representative Mr. Bledar Dervishaj.

Vice-President Mr. Sokol Sadushi stated that the Supreme Court acknowledges the coming of the new colleagues, who have acted with professionalism and integrity during their careers, emphasizing the fact that their appointment to the Supreme Court will help the adjudication of more court cases in three chambers (administrative, civil and criminal). He appreciated the High Judicial Council’s commitment to appoint the best judges to the Supreme Court, a process which naturally requires time and professionalism. Wishing success to the judges, Mr. Sadushi highlighted that the increase in number of professional judges showing integrity definitely leads to the successful fullfillment of public requirements in any time i.e. trust in the justice bodies in order to guarantee the maximum protection and security of the citizen by law.

On the other side, the Chairperson of the HJC Mrs. Naureda Llagami stated that the appointment of new qualified judges to the Supreme Court increases the expectation for a more qualitative justice and speedy decision-making to ensure the reduction of case backlog.


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