Tirana, 24.03.2021


On Wednesday, the welcoming and inauguration ceremony was held at the Supreme Court for the four newly-appointed members of the Court, namely judges Sokol Binaj, Albana Boksi, Sandër Simoni and Klodian Kurushi. The ceremony organized on this occassion was also attended by the Chairperson of the High Judicial Council Mrs. Naureda Llagami, members of the High Judicial Council, the EURALIUS Mission Team Leader and Chief of Party of the USAID “Justice for All” Project.

During the speech held on this solemn ceremony, the Vice-President of the Supreme Court Mr. Sokol Sadushi stated that the Supreme Court acknowledges the arrival of the new four colleagues, who have acted with professionalism and integrity during their careers. The selection made by the High Judicial Council for the appointment of the new members is excellent and hopefully, it will continue further with the filling of other vacancies. The increase in number of professional judges that demonstrate integrity definitely leads to the successful fullfillment of public requirements in any time i.e. trust in the justice bodies in order to have citizen protection and security by law. Mr. Sadushi reiterated the commitment of the Supreme Court’s judges for purposes of guaranteeing the delivery of a speedy, qualitative, constitutional and legal justice.

The Chairperson of the High Judicial Council Mrs. Naureda Llagami pointed out that the coming of the new qualified judges at the Supreme Court increases the expectations for a more qualitative justice, speedy decision-making process to enable the reduction of pending cases. Thanks to the close collaboration with the Supreme Court and other international organizations in support of the judiciary, several important steps have already been taken within the framework of legal amendments related to the effective adjudication at this court, being of service to citizens that have been waiting for their cases to be heard.


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