Tirana, 04.05.2022


Upon the request of Ambassador of the Republic of Italy to Albania Mr. Fabrizio Bucci a meeting was held with Vice-President of the Supreme Court Mr. Sokol Sadushi on May 4th.

The purpose of this meeting was the forwarding of formal invitation from the President of Italian Council of State Mr. Franko Fratini to attend the Asscociation of Supreme Administrative Courts of European Union. This invitation originates from the request submitted from the Supreme Court of Albania to join this forum as a member, which was welcomed by the board by acceding the Supreme Court with observer status.

Mr. Sadushi extended to the Ambassador his gratitude and appreciation for the invitation by aknowleging its importance and ensuring his commitment to represent effectively the Supreme Court in such an important forum for administrative adjudication in Europe.

The Italian Ambassador in Tirana stated that the friendly relations between Albania and Italy over years has provided the close and ongoing cooperation between two countries in the justice system. Mr. Bucci recognized that the meeting with Vice President of the Supreme Court was fruitful, emphasizing that Italy attends with interest, supports the establishment and functioning of justice bodies in Albania and contributes to their membership in the international and European forums.


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