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The cases when the Supreme Court operates with an accelerated procedure

Litigation cases in the Supreme Court are reviewed on the basis of trial time starting from the earliest to the latest dates, this is made in accordance with the period the case was registered with Court Secretary. Exception from this rule is made only for those cases, which have a short assessment deadline provided by the law or that need to be reviewed by other instance courts, in those cases an accelerated procedure is granted.

The cases when the Supreme Court operates with an accelerated procedure are as follows:

A. Civil Cases:

  1. Cases over which the Appellate court ruled for reassesment.
  2. Cases which are handled for trial at the Supreme Court for the second or third.
  3. Work and social insurance disputes.
  4. Appeals over the Civil Service Commission decisions.
  5. Child custody, education and food liability. 
  6. Certification of facts.
  7. Opposition to Bailiff’s actions.
  8. Opposition to intermediate decisions.
  9. Decision Interpretations.
10. Cases where the Appellate Court has acted as a first instance court (the pyramid schemes).
11. Property division (first phase).
12. Default jurisdiction.

B. Penal Cases:

  1. Decision invalidation and case retrial.
  2. Amnesty cases.
  3. Restraining orders.
  4. Suspension over the execution of a judicial decision.

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