Tirana, 06.06.2013


The Supreme Court Chief Justice, Mr. Xhezair Zaganjori held a meeting in his office with the Ambassador of Serbia in Tirana, Mr. Miroljub Zariç.

During the meeting, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court expressed his gratitude to the Ambassador of Serbia for the visit and the current collaboration, in between the Supreme Courts of both countries and the Embassy of Serbia in Tirana. According to him, it is utterly important for the neighboring countries to create appropriate opportunities to benefit from mutual exchange of experiences. In the spirit of cooperation, Mr. Zaganjori welcomed the further continuation of this relationship, not only in the framework of regional initiatives, but especially in the completion of reforms for the improvement of the judicial system in both countries. Mr. Zariç on the other hand, expressing high appreciation of today’s meeting, said that he was very pleased and optimistic on the possibilities of continuation of this relationship in the future.

During the meeting, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Mr. Zaganjori emphasized the importance of mutual cooperation in the framework of strengthening of the rule of law and increase of public trust in the judicial system. He noted that the integration process in the European Union seeks for advancement of all Balkan countries as a whole towards the fulfillment of the Copenhagen criteria, especially those addressing regional cooperation as well as the enhancement of integrity and professionalism of the judicial power.


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