Tirana, 05.06.2013


The Supreme Court Chief Justice, Mr. Xhezair Zaganjori held a meeting in his office with the Ambassador of Austria in Tirana, Mr. Florian Raunig.

During this meeting, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, expressed his gratitude to the Ambassador of Austria for his visit and appreciated the contribution of the Austrian Embassy which has insofar offered to mediate the cooperation among the two homologue Courts and the concretization of a framework agreement. Expressing his highest esteem for the Austrian Judiciary, Mr. Zaganjori emphasized that the professional growth of the judges in Albania, with the support of the international partners, brings about the further empowerment of the justice system and fight against the negative phenomena that the justice system faces everyday. The commitment to achieve success in this direction, according to the Chief Justice, requires not only understanding, but also correct and qualitative application of the laws and obligations arising from the Constitution and International Relationships, in order for Albania to have in the future an exemplary judicial system by the standards of the European Union.

Praising the current achievements of the Supreme Court, Mr. Raunig said that the institutions of justice must be endowed credibility from every person that addresses them, in order to create the belief that each and everyone will prevail in his quest for justice. The Ambassador offered his country’s support to the Albanian judicial system, stating that the judicial power is an important sector for the safety of the citizens of this country and the foreign investments as well. It is important for Albania to bring forward the reforms to the further strengthening of the fight against corruption and the empowerment of impartiality and independence of the courts, with the aim of achieving everybody’s wish, which is the integration in the European Union. Austria is the third largest investor in Albania and according to Mr. Raunig, this economic cooperation comes from the belief that Austria has in the Albanian institutions. According to him, the required standards from Albania to fulfill are to be achieved only by relying on the judicial system.

Mr. Zaganjori appreciated the bipartisan engagement for the continuation of this collaborative relationship. Mr. Raunig on his side reconfirmed the support of the Austrian Embassy to the Supreme Court of Albania offering mutual interest cooperation.


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