Tirana, 07.07.2020


On July 7th, 2020, the General Meeting of Judges of the Supreme Court held the procedure for the election of the Vice-President of the Court. The Deputy Chairperson of the High Judicial Council was present at such a meeting, as well.

As referred to Article 26, point 3 of Law no. 98/2016 “On the organisation of judicial power in the Republic of Albania” and High Judicial Council’s Decision no. 7, dated 21.12.2018 “Regulation on the approval of rules for the election of court vice-presidents” providing for the election of vice-president among the judges of the Supreme Court, following the verification process of the fulfillment of legal requirements for the presented candidate, in the presence of 3 judges and 4 seconded magistrate assistants being entitled to vote, the General Meeting proceeded with the voting procedure.

In the end, Mr. Sokol Sadushi was unanimously elected Vice-President of the Supreme Court with 7 votes.

After 13 years’ experience as judge of the Constitutional Court, Mr. Sadushi enjoyed, according to law, the professional experience as a judge of the Supreme Court. For aproximately 6 years he has held office as Director of the School of Magistrates, a function that based on Article 250, point 3 and 4 of Law no.115/2016 “On governance bodies of the justice system” is equated with the judge of the Supreme Court and “is recognized as work seniority as a judge for the purposes of professional career”.

Until the election of President of the Supreme Court, the newly-elected Vice-President Mr. Sadushi will exercise the powers of President of the Supreme Court, as provided by Article 26, point 2 of Law no.98/2016 “On the organisation of judicial power in the Republic of Albania”.


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