Tirana, 10.05.2021


On the National Day of Justice, May 10th, the Supreme Court would like to make a remark in appreciation of the valuable contribution of the Albanian patriots, who gave attention to the judicial system by approving the first judicial act ‘the Canon of Jury,’ which reflected the principles of organisation and functioning of the judicial system, with the best international standards of that time. The National Day of Justice constitutes a day to consider much better the rigourous implementation of the constitutional tasks in strengthening the rule of law and protection of the interests of the citizens.

Taking into consideration and analyzing the statistical data and the attitudes for the consolidation of case law by the three Chambers of the Supreme Court, we could say that the trust to this institution is being built and we are hopeful that the situation is changing.

The achievement of the objectives of the Supreme Court and the continuous engagement of all actors involved in the crucial process of justice reform are key and hopeful indicators that the justice will be rendered.


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