Tirana, 15.04.2011


On Friday 04.15.2011, the President of the Supreme Court Ms. Shpresa Beçaj had a cordial meeting with the Ambassador of the United States of America, Mr. Alexander Arvizu, and Ms. Cindy Eldridge an expert on justice matters.

The President of the Supreme Court congratulated Mr. Arvizu for his duty as the Ambassador of the United States of America in Albania, and for exercising this diplomatic mission with care and responsibility.

Ms. Beçaj praised the continuous support that the U.S. government has provided and continues to provide to the judiciary in the country through its various organizations operating in Albania.

The USA ambassador expressed his contentment for being given the opportunity to meet with the President of the Supreme Court of Albania. During his remarks Mr. Arvizu noted that as a result of the transition period the country is going through, Albania is faced with many challenges ahead, yet the most important key to the future success is precisely the judiciary. He added: "If you mange to successfully face the challenges presented, I am sure that the future of your country will be very bright."
The Ambassador thanked Ms. Beçaj for the willingness to cooperate shown by the Supreme Court, making use of the suggestions provided by the American experts and working alongside with the aim of improving the judiciary system in Albania.

The President of the Supreme Court reaffirmed the commitment of the Albanian judiciary to proceed in fulfilling its holy mission which is the providing of justice. Ms. Beçaj tackled in detail the problems the judiciary is faced with, devoting particular attention to the necessity of safeguarding the independence of the judiciary; the prerequisite of being granted the needed support from both the legislative and the executive so that the judiciary may properly exercise its duties to serve the broad public interest. According to Mrs. Beçaj this support should consist in an overarched cooperation and support for the reforms in the justice system, and particularly in the Supreme Court, as well as in providing the necessary resources for the courts and their justices so that they can best fulfill their mission.

Additionally the President of the Supreme Court highlighted the uneasiness that the disapproval of the Law for the National Judicial Conference (NCJ) has caused- a law, which was drafted with the assistance of American lawyers. The abolishment of the law on NJC has hampered the mechanisms of institutional interaction with other powers on matters of outmost importance for the justice system. In this regard, the President of the Supreme Court confirmed the mobilization and readiness of the Albanian judiciary to be self- corrected and administered.

Ms. Beçaj said: "We should find the best ways to restore the confidence of the public in the justice system. We must appeal to the citizens, leading by example and showing that one’s right is demanded following the appropriate means to justice, instead of attempting to bribe or corrupt certain individuals”

The President of the Supreme Court explained to the US Ambassador that the judiciary pays maximal respect to executive and legislative, as well as the media. However in order to be able to accomplish all the necessary reforms that would grant Albania the EU candidate status, this respect should be mutual-she added.



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