Members of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is composed of 17 members. Supreme Court judges are selected and appointed amongst judges with more than 10 years of seniority or prominent lawyers who have exercised their activity for more than 15 years. The President of the Republic with the consent of the Parliament appoints the Members of the Supreme Court. The members of Supreme Court shall hold office for a 9-year term with no prospect of being re-appointed.


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Legal Assistants

Supreme Court judges can have up to two legal assistants and a driver. Legal assistants are selected by the justices themselves; they must be lawyers who meet the legal criteria to be appointed as judges of first instance or appellate courts. Legal assistants are appointed by the President of the Supreme Court. The legal assistants’ job is to examine appeal court files, prepare memos where they express their opinion on the cases that will be reviewed by the Supreme Court Justices, respond to complaints, prepare the necessary materials and perform any other tasks assigned by their judge.

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