Member of the Supreme Court

Medi Bici was born in Durrës. He is married and has three children. In 1994 he was graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Tirana with excellent grades. Afterwards, he has completed two postgraduate studies, where in one of them was awarded the Gold Medal. He has a 25-year career in the judicial system starting from 1993 as judge assistant at the District Court of Tirana. Following his graduation in 1994, he was appointed judge to District Court of Tirana for 10 consecutive years. Afterwards, he served as a judge at the Appeal Court for Serious Crimes during 2004 – 2010.

He was appointed member of the Supreme Court by the Decree no. 6579, dated 25.05.2010 of the President of Republic of Albania. He held this office until December 12th, 2018 when the General Meeting of Judges elected him as a Member of the High Judicial Council for a 3-year mandate. During January-December 2019, he was a substitute member of Justice Appointments Council.

During his judge career, he has completed many training programs and working visits in different countries. In May 1997, he completed a short-term training program on labour law at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. Afterwards, he has had working visits to the First District Court of Appeal Court in Copenhagen, Denmark (September 2000), Prague Czech Republic (December 2006), European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg France (June 2013), the Supreme Court of the United States in Washington D.C (October 2013), the Washington Supreme Court and the Minnesota Supreme Court U.S. (October 2013), First Instance Administrative Court of Stuttgart and Appeal Administrative Court Manheim, Germany (December 2014), “Konrad Adenanuer” Foundation, Como Italy (July 2015), First Instance Court of Lugano Switzerland (July 2015), European Court of Justice in Luxembourg (October 2016), High Appellate Court Leipzig, Germany (March 2017), High Council of State in Ankara (October 2018) etc. In the framework of the continuous training program at the School of Magistrates he has completed many training programs in the field of civil, administrative and criminal law organized in cooperation with DANIDA, IRZ Foundation, ABA-CEELI, SOROS Foundation, USAID, PAMECA, UNICRI, OSCE, OPDAT, IOM, University of Naples Italy. During 2019, he was a trainer in two seminars organized by the School of Magistrates in the administrative and criminal law, etc.

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