Instructions on how to use the official website of the Supreme Court

Aiming to make the activity of the Supreme Court more transparent and accessible to the public, Supreme Court’s new website was designed to have a manageable search tools for all the cases arriving at the Supreme Court as well its judicial decisions. The website interface and some of the main menus have also changed.

Some of the conveniences the new website offers are:

- A calendar of cases, court hearings scheduled for the current month, sessions held during the past months or planned sessions for the coming months are displayed in the main page. Just click on the relevant date and you will see a complete list of planned activities for that date. If you click on case details, an information window will appear related to the case (Case number, type, title of the case, date of registration, status of the case, origin, the lawsuit/accusation object, legal basis, parties, the calendar of hearings, details regarding the taken judicial decision if cases are completed).

- In the trial list menu you will find,

1. The list of cases arrived at the Supreme Court, this is daily updated. Users can find out more about cases by entering the date of registration, act number, parties, object, type, the origin, and legal basis. Search results show all the cases related to the search data entered also details related to each topic.

2. List of requests for the suspensions of Civil and Criminal cases.

3. List of trial cases where you can find all cases scheduled to present day. Here you can search entering the relevant time period (from the date you are searching until today) or if you remember the exact trial date just complete date, litigants, subject etc. Search results will show all the cases related to the search data entered and the details related to each topic.

4. Joint Colleges trials list.

5. List of cases which recourse has been rejected.

- In the court decisions menu you will find decisions from years 1999 - 2010, unified decisions and Supreme Court’s original jurisdiction decisions.

In this section users can search entering the number of decisions, litigants, subject of indictment or accusation, the case number or type of case. Search results will show all the issues found with completed data including the relevant details for each topic, the decisions can be downloaded. Decisions on old issues will be found in the decisions menu categorised according to their respective years and months 1999-2010.

- In the other menus of the site will find information about the court activity, statistics, reports, structure, press releases, instructions and decisions of the Strasbourg Court.

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