Based on the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, the Supreme Court is the highest judicial authority having both original and reviewing jurisdiction.

Its original jurisdiction comprises criminal charges against:

  1. The President of the Republic
  2. The Prime Minister and Members of the Council of Ministers
  3. The Members of the Parliament
  4. Supreme Court Judges
  5. Constitutional Court Judges.

The Civil and Criminal Colleges of the Supreme Court apply reviewing jurisdiction on recourses filed against decisions of the lower levels courts.

The Joint Colleges of the Supreme Court review cases that require unification or change of the judicial practice, as well as other cases when envisioned by the law.

The Supreme Court does not consider evidences which have been subject of the legal proceedings held in the first or second instance courts, it does only asses the correct application of the law. This court considers whether there has been any serious violation of the law, incorrect or poor interpretation of the legal procedures, of if such procedural violations hindered the decision of the court.

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