Member of Supreme Court

Gentian Medja was born in Shkodra, on April 28th, 1978.

In 2001, he completed his graduate studies at the Faculty of Law, “Luigj Gurakuqi” University of Shkodra and earned the title of “Jurist”. In 2002, he continued his studies at School of Magistrates in Tirana and completed in 2005 with the title of “Magistrate”.

He was appointed “Judge” to the District Court of Shkodra by decree of President of the Republic, dated 17.09.2004. In 2013, he was appointed Chairman of the First Instance Court of Shkodra. Following November 2013 he has served as a judge at the First Administrative Court of Tirana.

Simultaneously, in certain periods, he has been engaged in the academic sphere in public and private universities as a part-time lecturer at the Law Faculty, “Luigj Gurakuqi” University of Shkodra teaching “Civil Procedure Law” course and at “Gjon Buzuku” Higher Education School in Shkodër teaching “Roman Law” and “Civil Procedure Law”.

Mr. Medja has attended various training programs organized by the School of Magistrates in the framework of continuous training program and by other national and international organizations. He has been engaged as a facilitator and expert at the School of Magistrates in the continuous training program.

He was appointed judge to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Albania by decree no. 13497, dated 07.03.2022 of the President of the Republic.





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