Member of Supreme Court

Enton Dhimitri was born in Permet, on September 14th, 1978. In 2001, he was graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Tirana and in 2005 completed studies in the School of Magistrates and earned the title of Magistrate-Judge.

Mr. Dhimitri served as a judge of District Court of Gjirokastra and Appeal Court of Gjirokastra from 2005 until the appointment to the Supreme Court. Since 2019, he served as Vice-Chairman of the Appeal Court of Gjirokastra and Media Judge in the Appeal Court of Gjirokastra. Mr. Dhimitri was member of the Justice Appointments Council in 2018 and is a member of Justice Appointments Council during the current year.

He attended various training programs organized in the framework of the continuous training program of the School of Magistrates and by other organizations in Albania and abroad.

He was appointed judge to Supreme Court of the Republic of Albania by decree no. 13698, dated 14.06.2022 of the President of the Republic.

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