Case management in the Supreme Court

The Case-files upon arrival at the Supreme Court are registered with the Directorate of Judicial Administration. Once the case file is registered in the system it is also includes the related data (information on the case, the legal basis, litigants, previous decisions ruled by the courts, etc). The system issues a case-number automatically placing the file into a queue.  The case file is randomly assigned to a judge for review. This is the first electronic case lottery and it is followed by the Counseling Room review.

The selection of judges by means of an electronic lottery cannot be modified, leaving no room for prediction on the name of the judge who is going to review the case file.

On instances when the rapporteur-judge and his/her legal assistant submit a written request- in compliance with the law- to withdraw from the case, the electronic lottery system randomly selects a new judge.

The Case-files are examined in the Counseling Room composed of five judges who consider whether the recourse presented to the court has legal grounds to be taken further by this particular court or not. If the panel believes that there are legal grounds for the recourse, than the case-file is submitted to the registration office which registers the case and holds a second electronic lottery, which determines the repporteur-judge for the trial.

On the other hand, if the panel decides that the recourse does constitute no legal to be reviewed by the Supreme Court, it decides the rejection of the judicial recourse. The case file, along with the decision of the panel is submitted to the Secretariat of Court to perform the necessary procedures and return the case-file back to the lower instance court.

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